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We stock thousands of spare parts for all Ford Ranger models

With speedy Australia-wide shipping, we’re the next best thing to your ‘Ford Ranger wreckers near me’

Searching for Ford Ranger   spare parts ? Can’t source the right ones at your local Ford Ranger wreckers?

Then contact the Ranger Spares team on (03) 8770 2266.

Although we’re based in Melbourne, we’ve been supplying auto parts the length and breadth of Australia for several decades.

And we’re recognised experts in the quick shipping of high quality used parts for the Ford Ranger to all corners of Australia and New Zealand.

Our trusted freight specialist partners pride themselves on the speed of their delivery, whether you’ve got your Ford Ranger up on a hoist in your workshop, or are fixing one up on the driveway of your home.

Typically we dispatch your Ranger spares within 24 hours of receiving payment, which means that we’re as good as on your doorstep, wherever you happen to be located in our vast and wonderful land.

So rather than google ‘Ford Ranger wreckers Sydney’, ‘Ford Ranger wreckers Brisbane’, or ‘Ford Ranger wreckers Perth’ and then fail to find what you’re after, head straight to us first.

A member of our highly experienced and friendly team should be able to source the right part for the right price, then arrange prompt delivery via our network of trusted courier partners, Australia-wide.

Call them even if you’re just after some advice about suitable spare parts for your Ford Ranger, whether you’re looking for   alternators   or   headlights ,   brakes   or   tail lights .

We can supply top quality parts for the whole range of Ford Ranger models, from the most basic ute to the all-singing and dancing Ford Ranger Raptor double cab, and all the versions in between.

We’ve also got genuine new Ford Ranger parts on our shelves, and keep in stock aftermarket spare parts and accessories that we’ve removed from quality Ford Ranger wrecks.

Fuss-free six-month warranty*

We test all our major components before offering them for sale and issuing our six-month warranty

In addition to having a huge selection of   quality used parts   for the Ford Ranger in stock, we’re also proud of our hassle-free six-month warranty* on all our spare parts.

We realise that buying used auto parts over the phone or through a website can be a nerve-racking experience, especially something as costly as, say, an automatic transmission or manual gearbox or replacement diesel engine, so our six-month warranty should help put your mind at ease.

Yes, there are some terms and conditions – as you’d expect – but in basic terms, if you play fair with us, we’ll do right by you.

Our aim always is to work through any issue with you as quickly as possible, so that you can get the Ford Ranger you’re working on back on the road again.

We’re happy to offer such a generous warranty because we’re confident in the quality of our stock.

We buy in only the best quality Ford Ranger wrecks, which is our way of ensuring that we remove top quality Ford parts.

For major components such as complete   engines ,   gearboxes   and   diffs , we test them to ensure that they work the way they should.

The back-up of our six-month warranties means less worry for you.

To find out more about our terms and conditions, please feel free to contact a member of our experienced sales team on (03) 8770 2266.

Make us your first choice for Ford Ranger spare parts

We’re Australia’s premier Ford Ranger wreckers – buy from us with complete confidence

It’s what we all do – you need Ford Ranger spare parts in a hurry so you google ‘Ford Ranger wreckers near me’.

But we’ve got a better idea for when you’re after ‘ quality Ford Ranger spare parts ’ – check first before you look anywhere else.

Our huge stock of Ford Ranger parts is unrivalled and because of long-standing relationship with some of the best express courier companies in Australia, we’ll get your carefully selected Ford Ranger spare parts delivered to your workshop door in no time at all.

As one of the country’s most experienced and well-known Ford wreckers, not only can we swiftly dispatch top quality parts Australia-wide – from Sydney to Melbourne, Brisbane to Perth, Darwin to Adelaide, and everywhere in between – to help you fix the Ford Ranger models you’re working on, we can also give advice about what is the right part for a particular fitment.

We’re also experts in   other Ford   commercial vehicles (particularly the Ford Transit – ) and passenger cars, and will endeavour to find the answers to any questions asked about them.

So instead of typing ‘Ford Ranger wreckers Hobart’ or ‘Ford Ranger wreckers Gold Coast’ into your favourite search engine, come straight to the experts in Ford Ranger wrecking,

We’ve got the quality, we’ve got the stock, we’ve got the experience and also that fabulous six-month warranty – no wonder we have a solid reputation as one of the best Ford Ranger wreckers in Australia.

Any questions about any Ford Ranger parts – whether they be for a double cab or single cab model, workhorse ute or flashy Wildtrak pick-up, a Ranger with a   manual gearbox or automatic transmission   – don’t hesitate to call our knowledgeable team on (03) 8770 2266.

Whenever you need Ford Ranger spares, remember to contact Ranger Spares first

Wrecking Now – here’s where you’ll find all of our very latest high quality Ford Ranger wrecks

Pay regular visits to our Wrecking Now page to see which new Ford Ranger models have just arrived

The Ford Ranger is a very popular vehicle in Australia so it’s no surprise we have a very fast turnover of   stock   at our Melbourne-based wrecking yard.

To keep pace with that demand we’re frequently buying in fresh Ford Ranger wrecks from which we remove top quality parts.

Week in, week out, we’re busy scanning the classified ads and attending auctions to find Ford Ranger wrecks that meet our demanding standards.

Whenever a new Ford Ranger wreck arrives on the premises we video it and photograph it, then immediately upload those images to our popular Wrecking Now page.

Wrecking Now is the best place for you to stay up-to-date with our very latest Ford Ranger arrivals, before we start the process of cataloguing their parts and updating the inventory on our website and eBay shop.

Because of the popularity of the Ford Ranger, some of the parts we pull off these new arrivals – particularly   engines   and   gearboxes   – head straight back out the door again to eager customers.

So if you think you might soon have the need for some Ford parts – as well parts for other popular commercial vehicle brands – then our advice is to pay regular visits to our Wrecking Now page.  

And when a Ford Ranger model pops up that you think might have used parts suitable for the job that you’re doing, jump straight on the phone to our sales team on (03) 8770 2266.  

That might sound like a sneaky sales technique, but the truth is that we have customers leave special requests to buy, say, the next Ford Ranger diesel engine that comes into our yard. So as soon as that engine comes out of the vehicle, it’s strapped to a pallet and dispatched via our couriers.

Our advice is that if you know you’re going to need a particular component in the near future, contact our customer service team to find out whether a suitable vehicle will be coming in imminently, and reserve the parts you require.

Our stock of Ford Ranger spare parts changes daily, so we’re always buying in fresh vehicles to dismantle

Speedy shipping effectively makes us your local Ford Ranger wreckers

It doesn’t matter if you’re based in Brisbane, Sydney or wherever, we can ship quickly Australia-wide

Our Melbourne-based Ford Ranger wrecking yard might not be physically on your doorstep, but in terms of getting parts delivered quickly, it may as well be.

We have an excellent relationship with some of the most efficient express freight companies in Australia who can arrange delivery of   Ford Ranger spare parts   to business premises or a private address anywhere around the country. We ship to New Zealand, too.  

And our aim is dispatch your order of Ford Ranger parts within 24 hours of receiving payment.

Which means that whether you’re working on a Ford Ranger Raptor in Brisbane, a double cab Ford Ranger PX in Sydney, or are googling ‘Ford Ranger wreckers Canberra’, getting in touch with us is just as good as ringing your local wrecking yard.

So contact us on (03) 8770 2266 to discuss your shipping options – our friendly sales team are experts in supplying top quality Ford Ranger spare parts to customers who are often thousands of kilometres away.

They’ll fill you in on what types of freight are available to you, what the costs will be, and how long it will take.  

When you’re on the search for Ford Ranger spares, don’t let distance be a barrier to you getting hold of the right part for your vehicle – thanks to the speed of our couriers, buying from us is just like buying from the wreckers down the road.

And we ship a huge range of Ford Ranger spare parts

Whatever Ranger spares you’re after, chances are we have them in stock

Don’t forget that we stock parts for all Ford Ranger models and have a range of spares that includes everything from automatic transmission units through to side windows, steering racks, door mirrors, steel wheels, heater controls and much, much more.

We even keep in stock aftermarket spare parts, including suspension lift kits, bull bars, light bars, canopies, locker boxes and alloy wheels.

As the leading Ford wreckers in Australia, we can supply Ranger spares big or small, with express shipping

The range of Ford Ranger spare parts we can supply you with includes the following:

  • Air conditioning and heating   systems   – AC compressors, AC controllers, blower motors, condensers, evaporators, heater components and assorted other parts.
  • Air intake and fuel delivery   systems   – air intakes, fuel pumps, fuel injectors, throttle bodies, sensors, fuel tanks, and other related components.
  • Brakes and brake parts   – brake discs, brake pads, brake calipers, brake hoses, brake drums, master cylinders, and other brakes-related parts.
  • Charging and starting systems   – alternators, generators, batteries, battery trays, starters, voltage regulators, and other associated parts.
  • Cooling systems   – hoses, fans, oil coolers, radiators, thermostats, water pumps, and other cooling-related parts.
  • ECUs, chips and cruise control   – cruise control units, ECU modules, and other related spares.
  • Engines and engine parts   – complete diesel and petrol engines, cylinder heads, crankshafts, camshafts, engine bearings, valvetrain components, and other engine-related parts and accessories.  
  • Exhausts and emissions systems   – complete exhaust systems, catalytic converters, manifolds and headers, mufflers, pipes and tips, and other exhaust-related spare parts for the Ranger PJ, PK, and PX MkI, MkII and MkIII.
  • Exterior parts   – bonnets, tailgates, doors, bull-bars, bumper bars, exterior door handles, wings, grilles, lock mechanisms, mirrors, canopies, roller-shutters and numerous other related spares.
  • Filters   – engine air filters, fuel filters, oil filters and transmission filters.
  • Gaskets   – exhaust gaskets, cylinder head gaskets, and full gasket sets for Ranger models from 2006 to 2022.
  • Gauges   – instrument clusters, oil pressure gauges, fuel gauges, speedometers, tachometers, panel gauges, temperature gauges, volt meters, and other similar parts.
  • Glass   – windscreens, side windows, rear windows and seals.
  • Ignition systems   – caps, rotors and contacts, coils, modules and pickups, distributors, ignition wires, spark plugs and glow plugs, and other ignition-related spare parts.
  • Interior parts and accessories   – consoles, dashboard parts, door handles, door panels and parts, mirrors, pedals, seats, gear-lever knobs and boots, steering wheels and horns, sun visors, switches and other controls, general trim pieces, window winders, electric window motors, and other cabin fittings.
  • Lights and indicators   – including headlights, tail-lights, corner lights, light covers, fog-lights, LED lights, turn signals, xenon lights, and similar other spare parts and accessories.
  • Safety and security   – airbags and associated parts and assemblies, seatbelts, tow hitch locks, and other safety devices.
  • Suspension and steering   – including ball joints, coil springs, control arms, power steering pumps, shock absorbers/dampers, steering racks and boxes, strut bars, sway bars, tie rod ends, and other chassis-related auto parts.
  • Towing parts and accessories   – tow bars, wiring, towing accessories.
  • Transmission and drivetrain   – automatic transmission parts, manual gearbox parts, axle housings and parts, differentials, propshafts and associated parts, transfer cases, shifters, cables and linkages, CV joints and related parts.
  • Wheels and tyres   – steel wheels, alloy wheels, wheel hubs and bearings, and other similar components.

Although we keep thousands of   parts in stock   for the Ford Ranger, we may not have every single part for every single vehicle available all the time. Please contact us on (03) 8770 2266 and talk to a member of our massively knowledgeable sales team to discuss your needs, if you can’t find what you’re after on our website or eBay shop.

Ford Ranger wreckers Victoria

Although we ship Ranger spare parts Australia-wide, we enjoy meeting customers at our Melbourne HQ

While we regularly freight high quality used Ford Ranger parts Australia-wide from our Melbourne headquarters, we’re also proud to service our local customers right across Victoria.

As far as we’re concerned, it doesn’t matter if you live in Ballarat or Bendigo, Geelong or Warrnambool, Mildura or Albury, we’re your local Ford Ranger wreckers and will rush Ford Ranger spares to your doorstep.

No one knows Ford Ranger auto parts like we do, so whatever you need to get your Ranger mobile again, we can help.  

It doesn’t matter if it’s four-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive, single cab or double cab, a workhorse model or something fancier, we’ll either find you spare parts straight from our shelves, or arrange to get some in.

Why would you bother shopping at any other Ford Ranger wreckers?

Our range of   Ford Ranger spares   are a great price, top quality, carry six-month warranties, and should be dispatched within 24 hours of receiving your order.

And if you happen to be in the neighbourhood why not drop in and buy your Ranger parts over the counter – we’re based at 1/40 Brunel Road, Seaford, Victoria 3918.

We’re open Monday to Friday, from 8am to 5pm. We look forward to seeing you soon.

We sell all types of Ford Ranger spare parts, including aftermarket accessories, such as trays