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Automatic or manual, we have complete Ranger gearbox units and hundreds of spares

On the search for a Ford Ranger gearbox replacement or Ford Ranger transmission parts?

Here at Ranger Spares we have a huge stock of high quality used and genuine new Ford Ranger manual and automatic gearbox options, both complete transmissions and spare parts.

And if you need a Ford Ranger gearbox or parts in a hurry, ours are available for immediate shipping to any location around Australia and New Zealand.

Because we wreck only the very best examples of the Ford Ranger pick-up we’re so confident of the quality of the spare parts that we sell, we offer a hassle-free six-month warranty*.

That’s why Ranger Spares is the most trusted Ford Ranger wreckers in Australia and New Zealand.

So for all your Ford Ranger transmission needs, please contact our highly experienced sales team today, on (03) 8770 2266.

You’ll get great service at a great price, whether you’re in Sydney or Brisbane, Perth or Darwin, Melbourne or Adelaide, or anywhere in between.

High quality Ford Ranger complete gearboxes and transmission parts, with a six-month warranty

We’re so confident in the quality of our gearboxes and spares, we give them a six-month warranty*

If you’re looking to buy a replacement gearbox for a Ford Ranger PJ, PK, PX MkI, PX MkII or PX MkIII, a clutch, transmission components, diff, or even an individual gear, you’re sure to find what you’re after at Ranger Spares.

Week in, week out, we wreck the best condition Ford Ranger pick-ups and cab chassis models.

We test every gearbox that comes through our Melbourne wrecking yard, which is why we’re confident in offering a fuss-free six-month warranty*.

We want every customer to enjoy peace of mind when they do business with us.

Great stock of Ford Ranger used gearbox parts

Whatever Ford Ranger gearbox parts you need, get in touch with Ranger Parts today

Having Ford Ranger gearbox problems? We have hundreds of used gearbox spares for the Ranger PJ, PK, PX MkI, PX MkII and PX MkIII, all salvaged from top quality wrecks.

Search the Ranger Spares online shop to find the part or parts you need, or call our knowledgeable experts for further information, on (03) 8770 2266. Our specialists will be very happy to help.

Want the latest updates on what Ford Ranger gearboxes and parts we have arriving? Check out our Wrecking Now page

Our stock of Ford Ranger gearbox parts and whole transmission units is always changing

We have a quick turnover of transmission parts at our wrecking centre in Melbourne, so we’re always buying in new top quality Ford Ranger wrecks to refresh our inventory.

The best source of information about what vehicles have just arrived is our Wrecking Now page – remember to check it out regularly.

We have genuine new Ford Ranger gearbox parts, too, ready for immediate shipping nationwide

Ranger Spares has been in the wrecking business for a very long time, so we have an encyclopaedic knowledge of where in the world Ford sources its gearbox parts.

So that’s where we get them from, too.

Whether you’re on the search for an individual gear or an entire genuine new automatic or manual transmission, we have the experience to source it for you.

And if you’re looking for something we don’t have it in stock, we will order it for you – just contact our expert sales team on (03) 8770 2266.

Which Ford Ranger gearbox do you have?

The popular Ford pick-up has a range of manual and automatic transmissions – which does your have?

Over the years the Ford Ranger have been available with numerous transmission options.

To help us assess your Ford Ranger gearbox issues most effectively, it would help to know which type of Ranger you have.

As a guide, here are the transmission options that the Ford Ranger is available with:

  • PJ gearboxes – 5-speed manual | 5-speed automatic | four-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive (rear-drive is manual only)
  • PK gearboxes – 5-speed manual | 5-speed automatic | four-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive (rear-drive is manual only)
  • PX MkI gearboxes – 6-speed manual (MT82) | 6-speed automatic (6R80) | 5-speed manual (M50D) | four-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive (rear-drive is five-speed manual only)
  • PX MkII gearboxes – 6-speed manual (MT82) | 6-speed automatic (6R80) | 5-speed manual (M50D) | four-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive (rear-drive is five-speed manual only)
  • PX MkIII gearboxes – 6-speed manual (MT82) | 6-speed automatic (6R80) | 5-speed manual (M50D) | From 2019 to 2022 – 10-speed automatic (10R80) | four-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive (rear-drive is five-speed manual only)

Also extremely useful would be if you could supply us with the VIN number of the vehicle you’re working on so that our team of experts can help identify precisely the right part.

Do you have any Ford Ranger gearbox issues?

The Ford Ranger does have some problems with its automatic gearboxes.

They can hunt between gears, suffer clutch slip between second/third and third/fourth, give jerky changes, clunk when shifted out of Drive, leak transmission fluid and overheat.

In extreme examples the output shaft speed sensor can fail, forcing the gearbox back into first gear, even at moderately high speeds.

Some of these issues centre on the torque converter and its control modules and solenoids.

If you have concerns about the gearbox in your Ford Ranger, then feel free to have a talk with our experts on (03) 8770 2266.

They’ll advise on whether it’s likely you need a replacement gearbox or can repair it.